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What is BDU IV?

Bosques del Uruguay IV (BDU IV) is a Timber Investment Trust quoted on the Stock Exchange in Uruguay (Bolsa Electrónica de Valores S.A.). It will develop sustainable Pine and Eucalyptus plantations in Uruguay for producing 35 million cubic metres of sawn wood, pulp and biomass wood for existing and new markets.

Deal summary

Name: Fideicomiso Financiero Forestal Bosques del Uruguay II. (Timber Investment Trust)
Fiduciary/Trustee: EF Asset Management.
Manager: AF S.A.
Representative: Bolsa Electrónica de Valores S.A.
Form: Certificates.
Credit Risk: BBB
Total Issue: US$ 330million.
Rate of Return (Estimated): 7.7%
Duration: 30 years.